Synchronize Your Systems with Proteus

Proteus is a powerful new application that integrates enterprise and project management data regardless of the underlying application or data source. With Proteus, organizations and companies have the ability to maximize their return on investment from existing ERP, legacy, customized or best-of-breed systems and view related information in a cohesive and coherent manner in one place. Proteus has unsurpassed flexibility to ensure data integrity, accuracy and integration. It gives your company a toolbox to keep data in sync for more effective management visibility and control.

A Single Point Solution That Transforms Project Data into Information

In typical best-of-breed software environments, data is stored arbitrarily with little or no understanding of how that data should be interrelated or integrated between the various systems. It is left to the analyst or manager to cull through this information to determine relevance. The typical approaches used to solve the integration issue have been hard-coding, data-mining and cubes. These approaches require high level programming expertise, constant maintenance and have a long lead time between development and deployment. Proteus solves these pitfalls through its out-of-the-box approach to data integration, providing almost immediate, short-term payback through rapid deployment. As a result you save a tremendous amount of time since the information is always at your fingertips and data quality is dramatically improved and more timely because you are accessing the source data directly instead of using manual data collection, import/export or cut-and-paste time-consuming processes that inherently introduce errors.

Bridging the Gap Between Multiple Data Entry and Single Point Information Management

Time is wasted and errors are made when duplicating similar information in multiple corporate and project planning systems. Since functional systems oftentimes mimic specialization, scheduling, staffing, resourcing and financial departments tend to sub-optimize and stovepipe data. Only after data is aligned, integrated and analyzed across disciplines and systems is it apparent where there are areas lacking coordination essential to project success. Proteus bridges the gap between systems to deliver to the decision-maker essential information in one place while providing a single point solution to reconcile and correct data quickly and efficiently - thus providing insight into planning and operations unavailable in any other software application.

A Project Intelligence Solution

Because Proteus can access information regardless of its location or format, including essential corporate intelligence that oftentimes sits in unstructured formats such as Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets and local Access databases, it turns raw, disconnected data into intelligent information that you can use.

Individualized Access to Relevant Data

Each person gets access to data that is relevant to the successful completion of their role through ONE entry point. Proteus facilitates data standardization particularly for large project organizations, while allowing end-user flexibility for project-specific requirements. Since Proteus provides both database and application level security you can ensure that information is provided only to those who need to view or write to the information.

Proactive Alerts

Proteus can set up any number of alert criteria that enables you to proactively manage organizational milestones or thresholds. This capability can save your organization from potentially serious problems that can impact program schedules, cost and data integrity.

Filter Information and Create Reports in Seconds

Proteus’ environment is extremely intuitive and flexible, providing information structured to the way you perform your work. Its powerful engine, built in .NET technology, can parse and filter through extremely large sets of data in seconds. Since it operates in real-time, Proteus displays reports, charts and graphs in seconds that enables immediate visibility into project essentials.

Power and Scalability with a Light Footprint

Proteus leverages the entire enterprise’s data environment as a virtual corporate database, breaking through the old barriers of application-routed data, functional stove-piped information and geographic dispersal. Light enough to be deployed on a laptop, Proteus provides you with the power to obtain the information important to you and your employees across the enterprise to ensure organizational effectiveness and success.  With Proteus organizations can:

  • Integrate data from disparate systems into a consolidated view that can be aggregated at all levels and for all stakeholders within and across the project team and the enterprise
  • Utilize configurable user interface and business logic that goes on top of any existing table structure allowing you to tailor Proteus views and reports to program specific needs
  • Transform data from virtually any format to another without having to rekey the data
  • Organize previously stove-piped information in a cohesive and intelligent manner: view integrated cost, schedule, risk, financial and any other relevant project-related data at any level of detail
  • Provide Watchdog Alerts for any data element allowing decision-makers to manage by exception and set an early warning for any significant metric or condition
  • Utilize a powerful interactive organizational spreadsheet-style view, GANTT charting and 35 other flexible superimposed charts and graphs provide unparalleled visualization of key data
  • Vizualize time-phased information using powerful “completion” reporting - is ideal for visualizing time-phased milestones and achievement
  • Leverage interactive reporting makes data “make sense” - map virtually any property in your data to a visual property (color, transparency, font style and more) in Gantt grid or chart making it easier to spot anomalies or trends. Export to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint or virtually any format you may want
  • Extend and add capability to legacy and resident systems with updateable columns that are maintained in Proteus
  • Measure and show changes relative to a saved reference point - create audit trails with any granularity needed. Log KPI values for later reporting
  • Allow every stakeholder in your organization get access to the data they NEED through ONE entry point

A Solution that Improves Organizational Credibility

Proteus’ project integration and intelligence solution is simple to deploy and maintain. It provides an unparalleled rate of return combined with low initial acquisition, maintenance and life-cycle costs, especially compared to other alternatives. Proteus provides a simple and reliable way to integrate data across the enterprise which gives you a superior ability to leverage your corporate information quickly and easily regardless of the data source. Proteus enables you to break down artificial barriers and provide timely, relevant and actionable information for effective management visibility and control.