Earned Value, Schedule Analysis, Risk and Financial Integration with Proteus Envision

Proteus Envision® is a powerful application that quickly and economically integrates relevant project management data regardless of the underlying application or source data. Based on the new UN/CEFACT XML standard Proteus Envision® provides integrated cost, schedule, financial and risk information and aggregates that data for use by the end user based on their role and need to know - turning data into intelligence. Proteus Envision® allows for visibility of relevant data that in the past had been unavailable due to the limitations imposed by older solutions. With Proteus Envision® the quality of your essential project management data is ensured thereby improving organizational credibility -- a quality of unlimited value in a period of fiscal austerity.

Integrated Earned Value and Schedule Analysis Out of the Box

Project offices require real-time performance management information tied to the Integrated Master Schedule at the appropriate level of analysis and reporting for both internal and external project stakeholders. Proteus Envision® binds cost and schedule at the appropriate level, eliminating the labor-intensive and expensive process of manual reconciliation at the end of each reporting period. Thus, Proteus Envision® saves in direct labor costs because it clearly shows cost and schedule relationships and possible errors. Proteus Envision® directly contributes to project effectiveness, communication and cost avoidance.

Integrate Disparate Proprietary Solutions

In most project management environments, companies and organizations have selected their own internal best-of-breed solutions, which create an integration problem of their own; not only across organizational divisions and sectors, but vertically between program integrators and customers. Proteus Envision® eliminates proprietary barriers to integrated project visibility by leveraging both the industry UN/CEFACT XML standard for cost, schedule and financial management information as well as its own unique capabilities for integrating business enterprise data regardless of the underlying database. As a result, Proteus Envision® imports and integrates data from any legacy earned value management system and virtually any scheduling application for full project integration. In addition, with its capabilities to easily and quickly access essential general ledger, enterprise business system, resource planning and cost information, Proteus Envision® provides an on-the-fly virtual program review that allows analysts and management to identify challenges quickly and decisively regardless of the source of the information and across project disciplines.

Individualized Access to Relevant Data

Each stakeholder in a project management organization has their own specific roles and needs for information. Proteus Envision® provides specific users or groups of users with only that information that they need to view in the format required by their business. Since Proteus Envision® provides information as the user and organization require it, application-related training and ramp up times are virtually eliminated, and data views and analysis is standardized. This feature saves time in training new personnel. Since the focus is on the information, where it belongs, wasted effort not directly related to project management is avoided. With flexible user-focused data views, Proteus Envision® contributes to the project team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Ensure Quality of Project Data

Proteus Envision® contains a robust quality assurance capability through its alerts, color coding, sorting and analytical capabilities. It is very effective in providing analysts with visual cues and alerts for identifying any errors in project data coming from underlying systems. In addition, Proteus Envision® maintains each period of project information. This enables trend and other analysis across all data including cost, schedule, general ledger, risk and financial, properly related by WBS, OBS or any other structure.

Maintain Project History and Trending

Complete project history and time-phased information is maintained for each reporting period. In addition, users are able to take snap-shots of data at any point in the life of the project, allowing additional quality control and assurance of project information during updates. Proteus Envision® becomes a conduit for improving the fidelity and accuracy of project management information, directly contributing to improving the credibility of the project management team and the enterprise.

A Complete Solution

Using the latest .NET tools in the Microsoft operating environment, Proteus Envision® has compatibility with a wide range of project management and scheduling applications including Microsoft® Project and Oracle® Primavera’s P3 and P6 applications. Combined with these leading industry planning and scheduling applications, companies and organizations can enjoy a complete project management solution. Proteus Envision® eliminates unnecessary summary level data mapping and manual intervention to achieve true enterprise project management integration. It provides a uniquely powerful capability to achieve the level of data integrity and fidelity needed in today’s increasingly demanding project oversight and management environment subject to ANSI/EIA-748C earned value management requirements.

A Commitment to Continual Improvement, Quality Software, Services and Customer Service

Unlike companies that acquired applications from other project management thought leaders and entrepreneurs, or those who use their companies as life-style vanity projects, SNA Software applies agile software techniques. and is committed to continual process improvement, product quality, and customer service. Our commitment to our customers is to understand their requirements and to incorporate the latest technologies to their advantage. In this way, we help our customers to be as effective as they can be in managing successful projects that provide products essential to their customers in the areas of national defense, pharmaceuticals, U.S. federal government supplies and services, oil and gas, construction, and information management. We consider ourselves to be a partner in your success and our commitment is never to accept outdated products, technology or “good enough.”