SNA Software's integrated project control and analytical toolkit provides credibility at all levels


SNA software solutions are designed to work in the most demanding operational project management environments.  From complex R&D contracts for the largest aerospace and defense companies, to small and medium-sized contractors to government agencies needing to integrate data that originates from different sources and to convert it into information.

SNA software is uniquely designed to assist world class organizations in planning and executing their projects on time and within budget.  SNA Software provides high-end project management tools that are fit for any type and scale of contract.  Our software addresses all of the needs for project management, from project planning through resourcing, application of rate structures, execution, performance management including providing all of the requirements in meeting ANSI/EIA 748C Earned Value Management compliance, analytics, and reporting, including the production of the new UN/CEFACT XML file for cost, schedule and financial information for submission and inclusion into DoD and federal agency central repositories.

Our knowledge and experience in improving performance and success of projects is proof that we understand your challenges and can provide effective technical and professional services solutions that tie the technology to your business processes and will ensure that you achieve your return on investment.

SNA’s Project Management Toolkit provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that can model any client setup either through local implementation or through centralized Software-as-a-Service. SNA solutions are Commercial-Off-the-Shelf solutions that support rapid implementation and setup through efficient wizards and user selections that make data entry easy.  Scalable instant scheduling and analytics, including powerful “what-if” analysis, of the largest projects provides immediate feedback and insight into project performance.

Robust integration, graphing and reporting features allow you to clearly communicate with all stakeholders and to outline the best course of action to success. The Project Management toolkit can integrate essential KPIs and performance management information, regardless of underlying source and location, providing an unparalleled capability, including integration of data and dissemination of business intelligence for all Six Business Systems, a capability found nowhere else.

Customers who augment or replace their old, disconnected project management systems with SNA’s software report significant savings in direct labor costs associated with managing data, as well as greater efficiencies in project execution and control, providing almost immediate return on investment through the avoidance of cost overruns and late schedule execution.

The features of SNA Software's Project Management Toolkit* include:

  • Full functionality from project planning through execution, resource management, costing, performance management and analytics
  • Integration of Schedule, Cost, Risk and Financial Exeution Saving you Time, Money and Labor by eliminating reconciliation after the fact
  • ANSI/EIA‐748C Earned Value Management compliance
  • Rapid entry of data, designed as an open system
  • Fastest multi‐user environment on the market –Scalable from the desktop to the Enterprise
  • Flexible Setup and structuring of information— Robust Security
  • Visualize cost, schedule, risk and financial data in new ways, transforming raw data into Business Intelligence Integration of disparate systems regardless of source allowing for full integration of all six DCMA Business Systems Customizable and instant Graphics, Analytics, and Reports, including the production of the new UN/CEFACT XML file for cost, schedule and financial information submission and inclusion into DoD and federal agency central repositories
  • Built for both On‐site Implementation and Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) Environments
  • Full service Business Solutions that tie Business Processes to Technology to realize improved productivity and ensure credibility

From software through services let SNA Software be your one-stop shop for project excellence.

*The Project Management Toolkit is a complete suite of interoperable and compatible products consisting of Proteus, Envision and Risky Project with professional services to provide customers a complete business solution, all of which are compatible with your preferred scheduling application including Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera.