Gain Expertise with SNA Professional Services

SNA Software strives to provide its customers with a complete business solution. Our professional services include software pilot, systems analysis, software-related implementation and training, Oil and Gas project management assistance and government, A&D and EVM-focused systems and procedure design and implementation. Our team of professionals provides performance-based services that ties business processes to your project management software systems. SNA Professional Services deliver expertise and systems deliverables to you and your staff that contribute to, and are leveraged as, your corporate resources; allowing you to institute effective project management controls and processes and to contribute positively to your bottom line.

We Increase Your Probability of Success

Performance-based management answers five critical questions needed for all successful projects:

  • What are your goals?
  • How do we get there?
  • Are there enough resources?
  • What are the impediments to progress?
  • How do we measure real progress?

Using our module-based approach to services, we rapidly assist your team in identifying the answers to these questions and then rapidly deploy systems solutions based on proven methods and artifacts that have proven capable to achieve success. Given the 85% solution, we customize and localize the systems requirements, leveraging SNA software technology to deliver credible information to the right level of management at the right time.

Capabilities and Value-Added

You’ve heard of Software-as-a-Service but have you heard of Services-as-a-Product? We understand the life cycle challenges in project management. The systems and procedures to take a project to GREEN are well documented. You should feel confident in the ability of the services you acquire to achieve performance milestones and deliverables in improving project performance, effectiveness and a better bottom line in terms of achieving profit targets and executing the project against the plan. Why continue to settle for staff augmentation, external consulting that tells you what you already know--failing to assist you in achieving your goals--or consulting contracts that last for years that add to your overhead but without ever seeming to contribute to organizational effectiveness?  In addition to specialized services to address the achievement of certain elements of the project management discipline, we offer canned services to achieve outcomes based on the life-cycle of your project. Combined with SNA’s unparalleled integrated project management solutions, we add value not found anywhere else. These solutions can be combined with Software-as-a-Service or hosted software solutions to reduce your life-cycle and/or capital outlay costs.

A New Concept: Services-as-a-Product (SaaP)

The project management profession has many processes and validation procedures that are well documented through several decades of experience, yet traditional consulting companies continue to approach every implementation as if it were their first--involving hundreds of hours in effort (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) that could be applied to more productive activities.  SNA Professional Services has packaged the most mature business process documentation and procedures are market-tested and proven. These include:

  • EVM System establishment for proposal preparation
  • Establishment of the project Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and decomposition into a defensible, resource loaded, fully Integrated Master Schedule using Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project
  • Establishment of the EVM system after contact award, establishment of a compliant Systems Description and Work Instructions, preparations for a successful Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) and integration of software systems with business processes
  • Successful DCMA validation preparation
  • Establishment of business rhythm and systems for sustainable project management operations under the ANSI/EIA-748B-2007 requirement
  • Project triage and recovery

 Oil and Gas Project Management Operations

  • Project Planning Ramp-up
  • On-shore and off-shore project management
  • Wellhead deployment and project management
  • Shutdown/Turnaround Planning and Execution
  • Prospect Management Systems

Earned Value Management

  • ANSI/EIA-748C compliant system development, deployment and operations.
  • EVM System Description, work instructions, and desk procedures deployment.
  • Project Management (EVM/Scheduling) solution integration with CAS accounting systems and operational integration into business systems.
  • Training and mentoring of CAMs, Program Managers, and program controls staff.

Performance Measurement Baseline

  • Integrated Master Plan (IMP) development and preparation for contract baseline
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) development and maintenance using DID 81650
  • Schedule and Cost margin analysis
  • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) and External Independent Review (EIR) preparation, support, and participation with DCMA, DCAA, and DOE

Programmatic and Technical Risk

  • Risk management guides DoD, DOE, and NASA modeling processes
  • Monte Carlo simulation of cost, schedule, and technical performance

Proposal Support Services

  • IMP/IMS development
  • Cost Basis of Estimate
  • Management Volume
  • Color team reviews