Cost, Schedule and Financial Normalization Regardless of the Source Using Envision® Xporter & Mporter

Microsoft® Project, Artemis, Deltek, Primavera, X12, wInsight, Proprietary XML and Others!  Data comes from numerous sources.

Problem Solved with Envision®!

Using the new UN/CEFACT XML standard Envision® Xporters and Mporter convert earned value, schedule and financial data required by the U.S. Department of Defense and federal agencies, regardless of the source of the data.

With Envision®, government contractors who act as integrators now have the ability to integrate project cost, schedule and financial execution information from their sub-contractors and partners without having to worry about proprietary roadblocks to effective project execution and assessment. Government agencies now have the abiilty to collect information for data repositories without having to spend scarce public monies on reconciling data from disparate sources, more effectively meeting their oversight and public trust responsibilities. Envision® Xporters are wizard-based COTS applications that allow you to create the UN/CEFACT XML standard file that normalizes cost, schedule and financial data originating from disparate, proprietary applications.  Envision@ Mporter takes those files and posts them to a database system to provide a powerful, enterprise-level project and portfolio environment.

Combined with Proteus Envision®, organizations have the ability to establish systems that provide integrated cost, schedule, financial and risk information, aggregating that data for use by the end user based on their role and need to know, and transforming it into business intelligence. Utilizing the latest technologies and .NET tools in the Microsoft operating environment, Envision® solutions have compatibility with a wide range of project management and scheduling applications including Microsoft® Project, Microsoft® Project Standard and Professional, Oracle® Primavera’s P3 and P6 applications, Deltek's Cobra, M*PM, wInsight and Open Plan Professional, and the ANI X12 839 transaction set. In addition, Envison® applications have the ability to map virtually any cost and scheduling data through a generic Microsoft® Excel template and also has the ability to directly connect to any relevant project management data held in an OLE DB-compatible database. With Envision® solutions government contractors can quickly create virtual project management analytical and business intelligence environments that integrate essential information in support of the DFARS 252.242-7005  Six Business Systems.

The first fully capable project management applications to support the UN/CEFACT XML, companies and organizations can enjoy a complete project management solution without unnecessary summary level data mapping and personnel intervention in order to achieve integration - providing a uniquely powerful capability to achieve the level of data integrity and fidelity needed in today’s increasingly demanding project oversight and management environment subject to ANSI/EIA 748C earned value management requirements. With SNA Software’s complete business system solution approach that includes essential professional services, companies that have replaced their legacy, disconnected module-based and older commercial software with SNA solutions report significant saving in direct labor costs as well as greater efficiencies in project execution and control.

From the project analyst to the enterprise boardroom, from the commercial project office to the Pentagon, Envision® solutions provide unparalleled real-time integrated project management, assessment and reporting capabilities to support dynamic project management environments. Proteus Envision® breaks down organizational and proprietary barriers to support the effective use of essential project management information needed to empower project personnel in making decisions essential to project success.