SNA Software Technology and Professional Services Partner

MCR, LLC, of McLean, VA, is the nation’s premier Integrated Program Management (IPM) firm. Since 1977, MCR has delivered strategic planning, cost/schedule analysis, acquisition management and program assessment solutions to help government and commercial clients success¬fully manage their programs. MCR’s almost 600 professionals provide critical thinking and integrated solutions to smart acquisition professionals, helping customers become more efficient and effective in managing complex programs. More information can be found at

SNA Reseller and Consulting Partner

Quantech Services, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 certified small business specializing in solution-oriented consulting services in the areas of Program and Acquisition Management, Cost and Financial Management, Systems Engineering, and Information Assurance and Cyber Security to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government clients.  Since 1999, Quantech has been a rapidly growing organization with locations throughout the United States.

Quantech’s solutions encompass everything our clients need at local and remote sites throughout the life cycle of their projects.  We offer solutions for project management, integrated logistics, information technology, engineering services, budget formulation/execution, financial accounting & audit readiness, cost estimating & analysis, model development/implementation, cost benefit analysis, earned value management & analysis, schedule management, contract management/reconciliation/closeout, congressional reporting, acquisition support services, activity based costing/management, client relationship management, international affairs and armaments cooperation support, and much more!

SNA Software Preferred Software Solutions Partners

Promineo design, develop, sell and implement Project Management Software.  Our software aim to be the toolbox of desire for any Project Team Participant.  It addresses Project Needs and contribute to Successful Project Execution.  Promineo was established in 2002, and and has been a reliable supplier of project software to a wide range of industries for almost a decade.  January 1., 2011 Promineo and Quantum Solutions merged into one company.  The combined company carries the Promineo name.  Promineo's main office is located in Stavanger, Norway.  Our Cost Management Software Promineo Cost has established itself as a market leader for Construction Contractors to the Norwegian Oil & Gas Industry.

Intaver Institute Inc. is a leading innovator in the field of project risk management software, offering our clients unique, cost effective software solutions to their project and portfolio management challenges. We believe that advanced technology based on operational research can significantly contribute to project management. Intaver Institute Inc. develops commercial software, provides training and consulting services, and performs scientific research in the area of project decision and risk analysis.

Since 2004, TBS has been the premier Enterprise Cloud Hosting provider specializing in secure and flexible technology solutions just for Government Contractors. With Proteus, Envision, and Risky Project in the TBS Cloud, your EVM suite is more accessible, interconnected and secure, and you’ll realize significant ROI, eliminating hardware and personnel costs and worries.

With TBS, expert installation and access is a matter of hours, not weeks.  Thanks to our advanced IT infrastructure solutions, we can stand up your new SNA Software system in just 48 hours or less, guaranteed. Our all-inclusive hosting fees eliminate inefficient and costly in-house IT support and maintenance – we’ll keep you up-to-date and running error-free, all at no additional charge.  Without the distraction of system startup and maintenance, you can stay focused on optimizing resources and keeping your projects on track.

EPM Software Solutions Inc. provides business intelligence, earned value, schedule, and risk analysis software to organizations focused on complex project management, including its Envision technology.  Agnostic to underlying cost and schedule applications, EPM products provide flexible solutions that provide almost immediate return on investment.  For latest in business technology contact EPM today.

SNA Software Strategic Partners

Wayne Abba is an independent consultant serving government and industry clients worldwide. Drawing on deep experience with US and foreign government acquisition, Wayne helps clients develop and implement effective policies and practices tailored to their unique needs, ranging from government-wide requirements to individual programs and projects. He is a significant contributor to the ‘best practice’ guides for cost estimating and scheduling published by the Government Accountability Office. He partners with other consultants and with tool providers to provide the right mix of expertise and effective, affordable solutions. Contact at

Hulett & Associates, LLC provides project risk analysis and management consulting and training as well as project schedule assessment.  Clients are in oil and gas, aerospace and defense, construction, transportation, pharmaceuticals and IT industries.  Hulett also serves government agencies such as the GAO, Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security as well as NASA.  Clients are located in North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Lewis Fowler is a program management consulting firm with experience implementing EVMS on Large Federal Government and Commercial programs. Our Deliverables Based Planning® method, in concert with SNA products, provides actionable information to the decision maker. Our approach includes the development of the performance measurement baseline (PMB), risk adjusted cost and schedules, EVM training and the work processes needed to increase your probability of program success.

PPMS International is a management consulting company dedicated to providing Earned Value Management (EVM) services to government agencies and contractors. Their pragmatic approach to EVM implementations provides clients with effective and flexible systems that achieve ROI faster and provide management with value-added information in less time. Their experience covers health care, defense, aerospace, biomedical, telecom, R&D and national intelligence.

Valued Technology, Inc. (VTIUS) understands the complexities behind employing an Earned Value Management (EVM) System in any organization. VTIUS provides consulting solutions from certified Earned Value Professionals (EVPs) that are built around the application and deployment of EVM in government contracting. We partner with our clients to assist in the use of EVM for the objective measurement of progress on a programs, projects, or tasks. Our approach provides cost, schedule, and technical performance metrics in real-time so that managers and staff can make critical decisions. We assist our clients in developing pre-defined methods of quantifying the accomplishment of work, making the project easier to manage, and delivering more predictable results.  VTIUS’ Earned Value Management Services include:

- EVM Assessments
- EVM Implementations from start-up thru EIA-ANSI 748 compliance
- EVM Procedures and Policy preparation
- Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR)
- EVM Validation preparation and analysis
- EVM Training: Classroom, On the Job, and Internet-based