SNA’s Spring 2017 e-Newsletter is Now Available

May 17, 2017

More growth, stepping up our game, and learning from our customers.
Our entry into 2017 has been greeted by continued growth. This has led to some improvements and enhancements to our products and services based on feedback from our growing customer base.

Among the improvements is that we have rolled out new comprehensive documentation on all of our solutions, including QuickStart guides. We have completed some initial instructional videos and have more on the way. We are revamping our website not only for better navigation, but also to establish a customer portal that will tap into our KnowledgeBase and provide access to software and documentation updates for our customers. We will have more information on these improvements over the course of the year.

We have also expanded our public training sessions for Proteus Envision. These courses are now broken down into levels of expertise needed based on the roles and responsibilities of personnel in an organization. Some DoD agencies have already certified the content of the training for acquisition and professional development credits. Later in the year we will submit the courses to PMI for PDU credits.

The course levels are Proteus Basic, Proteus Admin Level I, and Proteus Admin Level II. 

Because our model is to deliver sustainable solutions that allow the customer to be self-sufficient, we offer these courses to develop expertise not only among internal IT staffs, but also among our strategic partners. That way Proteus help, apart from our highly rated customer service, is easily accessible.  What they have learned as you can also, is that despite its powerful capabilities, Proteus requires very little overhead to deploy and is easy to use and understand.

Finally, our adaptive software approach has incorporated many new capabilities from our customers into practical solutions through Proteus and Proteus Envision.

Please find some of what we learned in the newsletter follow this link.