SNA’s Fall 2017 e-Newsletter is Now Available

March 1, 2018

Shifting the conversation from tools to data, from data analytics to business intelligence. As the final quarter of 2017 is upon us, the year 2017 turned out to be a significant one for SNA Software.

First, we entered our second year of being the solutions provider for DCMA EVAS. Our accomplishments there included training a core of users and administrators to allow our customer to leverage the inherent adaptability of the Proteus solution in being self-sufficient in introducing new workspaces, analytics, and business intelligence capability. Given the depth and breadth of EVAS data, new trend analysis and workspaces have been developed to note the health of underlying systems. As the old TV announcer used to say "Accept no substitutes, Proteus is the real deal."

Second, we expanded our user base in the most advanced acquisition commands within the military services as well as some key commercial A&D companies. Going beyond simple project and program management analysis, Proteus solutions now include automated IBR preparation and documentation, resource management, and CDRL deliverable management and documentation. These new workspaces will be shared with our customers by the end of the year.

Third, in support of our A&D customers we have improved our EnvisionData solution for IPMR XML production and delivery, and have extended our data capabilities to accept, properly integrate, and provide insight into WBS and CAP data. With updates due out to support both the JSON and CSDR FlexFile production and acceptance, SNA Software provides a one-stop shop that eliminates the need of multiple one-off legacy tools.

This would not have been possible, of course, without an adaptable COTS solution built on a business intelligence framework. Being open on the front end and the back end allows Proteus to access virtually any data and allow organizations to determine the best way of displaying and analyzing that data.

What this technology has done is render moot the differences between technologies determined by a chart, graph, set of analytics, or report formats. If Proteus has access to the data any chart, graph, set of analytics, display, or report format can be used to deliver it, since the entire Windows and .NET library on which all other Windows applications are built are incorporated into its selections. Furthermore, Proteus transforms raw data into intelligence so that it can be used effectively.

Thus, the conversation has shifted. It has shifted from tools to the inherent value resident in any data set or combination of data sets that provides insight not previously captured by domain-specific tools limited by tunnel vision. Since any data can be accessed and properly integrated by the technology, the focus has shifted from tools to data.

The conversation has also shifted from laundry lists of metrics and business analytics to business intelligence. By providing a technology that does not simply stop at the display of metrics and trend lines (since it can reproduce any of these capabilities given access to data), Proteus provides an environment that promotes collaboration and brings to the fore the expertise necessary to interpret the intelligence to make informed recommendations and decisions.

When Proteus and EnvisionData are deployed the solutions displace multiple one-off tools, as well as labor intensive Excel workbooks and management by PowerPoint. When fully used to their potential, they provide an environment that is cheaper, faster, more secure, and more sustainable.

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