Managing risk and paying attention to the details has always been key factors to successful shipbuilding companies. Shipbuilding projects distributed over multiple sites pose particular challenges to maintaining project management control.

With Proteus and your scheduling application of choice, you achieve control and flexibility throughout the project, including “what-if” analysis and needed flexibility in both reporting and control periodicity, resource forecasting, an open systems approach for easy integration with ERP, financial management and CAD/CAM programs, a collaborative environment that satisfies client expectations, and real-time visibility and control of both cost and schedule risk drivers.  As the shipbuilding effort advances through the project phases SNA software’s robust reporting capabilities allows your firm to focus on those specific areas that require the attention to ensure that you deliver your products on time and under budget.

Combined with Proteus' powerful project and business intelligence functionality, your firm will be able to quickly integrate data from disparate databases and applications into a cohesive business intelligence environment.  Corporations that select SNA find that their overhead, labor and life-cycle costs associated with project management data is greatly reduced, and that multiple best-of-breed applications that require data transfer are elminated entirely.  In addition, because our applications support rapid implementation--realizing ROI in a matter of weeks--and enhance the credibility of project information, communication among the project team and with the customer is facilitated and greatly improved.