Other Industries

Whether you are a project management consultant, work in software, IT development, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, finance building projects and other investments or are in healthcare or the life sciences, the principles of project management simply equate to good management.

Few, if any, organizations possess unlimited resources in setting out to meet their goals.  SNA's solutions can help your company or organization, whatever you do, to plan out your work, allocate the appropriate resources against the activities that you must perform to meet your goals, and show you where you are at any given time and where you will be in meeting that goal.

Investing in research to bring a new medication to market? Performing R&D on the next concept automobile applying alternative fuel technology? Then SNA is right for your business.

SNA’s solutions are designed to assist companies in avoiding crunch times and resource mismatches that are usually reflections of changing requirements, overly optimistic expectations and inadequate planning.

Combined with Proteus, a powerful project and business intelligence application that uses its unique capabilities to quickly integrate data from disparate databases and applications into a cohesive business intelligence environment, corporations that select SNA Software find that their overhead, labor and life-cycle costs associated with project management data is greatly reduced.  In addition, because our applications support rapid implementation--realizing ROI in a matter of weeks--and enhance the credibility of project information, communication among the project team and with the customer is facilitated and greatly improved.

Finally and most importantly, SNA provides a complete business solution through its professional services that bridges the gap between the technical solution and the practical solution to business challenges.