Federal Contractors & Contracted Services

For Federal contractors and service-based organizations the typical "EVM Engine" does not apply.  In addition, traditional scheduling applications are not flexible enough to take into account the types of performance that needs to be collected while, paradoxically, also are too "open" when it comes to baseline management and changes.

SNA's project management solutions provide both the necessary flexiblity and control to address the specialized needs of those who provide essential services to the U.S. Government.  Our applications are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of government reporting and oversight requirements using the latest technology in an intuitive and integrated framework. SNA makes project planning and execution easier while still facilitating meeting all of the reporting and systems requirements, whether you fall under the requirements of the ANSI/EIA 748C earned value management standard or other requirements under the OMB Circular A11 Part 7.

Using Proteus, federal contractors can beyond the strict boundaries of EVM by directly accessing information from disparate sub-optimized systems and tracking essential KPIs and performance information using a Services-based Costing approach

Or, for those companies that do have an EVM requirement, Proteus Envision provides our clients with the ability to extend the capabilities of the industry's leading scheduling applications--Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera--to provide a complete project management solution.  With powerful analytics, charting, graphing and a native user-tailored reporting capability that organizes data into any report format including standard reports like the Contract Performance Report formats 1-5, OMB 300 report, the NASA 533, the ANSI X12 839 transaction set and the new UN/CEFACT XML schema, the capabilities provided by this one powerful application are unmatched.  In addition, Proteus Envision® provides organizations with a powerful enterprise-level project and portfolio management analytical environment out of the box.  With Proteus' unique integration functionality, agencies now have the ability to perform cross-project analytics and assessment on schedule, earned value, financial execution, technical performance, risk and other essential indicators of project health at a level of confidence and credibility never before realized.

With SNA's professional services, including its approach in Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) in outlining a road to EVM compliance and validation, services-based companies can reduce the overhead and improve productivity so that they are more able to concentrate on the things that matter--project execution, assessment and control.