Oil and Gas

SNA’s industry-proven oil and gas solutions are designed to meet the most demanding on-shore, off-shore and collaborative project management challenges in the oil and gas and power generation industries.

With the increasing scrutiny from governments and the public, global warming concerns, the pressures of finding new sources of oil, gas, coal and electric; the challenges in making major investments in finding either new reserves for the O&G market or in building new infrastructure in power generation, the discipline of project management and the tools that are available to management have taken center stage in their ability to provide timely qualitative information on project progress and execution.

With Project Management Toolkit you achieve control and flexibility throughout the project, including “what-if” analysis and needed flexibility in both reporting and control periodicity, resource forecasting, density calculations, an open systems approach for easy integration with ERP, financial management and CAD/CAM programs, a collaborative environment that satisfies client expectations, and real-time visibility and control of both cost and schedule risk drivers. Plus with SNA’s robust reporting, graphing and charting capability every aspect of project management is easily illustrated to help you pinpoint those areas requiring your expertise.

The tools in these demanding environments must be scalable and flexible enough to support geographically dispersed operations from the production field to the onsite project office, with tracking and reporting responsibilities geographically dispersed across the world to include both the corporate and client project offices.