Aerospace & Defense

The A&D industry is the most mature project management market. Building high performance aircraft, space systems and components requires a robust project management environment.  SNA’s solutions are built to meet these demanding requirements.

With SNA solutions A&D firms are provided applications and frameworks for meeting the diligent process and auditing controls required in this industry including facilitating competence within the Performance Management Institute’s PMBOK standards, compliance with the ANSI/EIA 748C earned value management standard and other requirements under the OMB Circular A11 Part 7 . Our aerospace and defense customers achieve control and flexibility throughout the project, including “what-if” analysis and needed flexibility in both reporting and control periodicity, resource forecasting, an open systems approach for easy integration with ERP and financial management and programs, a collaborative environment that satisfies client expectations, and real-time visibility and control of both cost and schedule risk drivers, as well as systems validation and evaluation in this demanding regulatory environment.

SNA provides a complete project planning, execution, control and reporting environment for large A&D firms and programs regardless of the underlying scheduling applicatoin being used, Proteus project and business intelligence, Envision and Risky Project applications.  SNA's software and services provide a total solution to address the most demanding needs of the largest A&D companies.  SNA's extensive project planning, execution, analysis, and reporting capabilities offer an integrated and enterprise-level Project Management Toolkit, that combines the advantages of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf applications with a flexible suite of interoperable applications that avoid information stovepipes and after-the-fact reconciliation.  SNA's PM solution addresses the most demanding needs in project planning, scheduling, resource management, cost management, earned value and offer a means to integrate disparate solutions through its unique direct database connection functionality and its use of the UN/CEFACT XML standard file for cost, schedule and financial project data to address, idenitify KPIs for and track performance against the DFARS Six Business Systems.

SNA solutions offer true Integrated Project and Portfolio Management that address the pains of the today's industry.