SNA is a full-service company that focuses on complete solutions to solve the most challenging issues of project and business management.  As such, we offer a comprehensive suite of applications that address your ability to effectively plan, schedule, resource, execute and monitor performance of your internal projects and those of your subcontractors.  In addition, we offer professional services that transfer knowledge and expertise to your organization: setting up your systems and procedures and then training your staff so that you gain corporate knowledge and expertise that will be of value to your company or organization for years to come.  We also have developed revolutionary ways of offering Services-as-a-Product (SaaP), where we provide at one price the solutions you need to meet regulatory and other requirements in establishing your project management organization.

The SNA portfolio of project management, project integration and business intelligence software solutions offers superior functionality, scalability and usability. Our solutions are built on the latest technologies and conform to the principle of open systems, providing the greatest flexibility for users on the market today.

SNA products are industry-proven and market tested.  It has performed flawlessly in supporting organizations that require daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly analysis and reporting.  Today, SNA products support project management operations in a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, upstream oil and gas, U.S. federal agencies and contractors, and services-focused companies.  SNA is not content to allow its customers to live with old technology.  Despite its products being in use for almost 20 years, SNA’s products are built using the latest technologies; its Proteus products are built directly on the .NET framework augmented by C#, and its Envision line of products are built using C#.  Our applications are agnostic to underlying existing applications and can communicate with any OLE DB compatible file or database including the full Microsoft Office suite, Sybase SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Oracle.

SNA understands that in today's business environment, companies and organizations conduct their business through a complex series of interrelated projects, programs and initiatives. Our company continues to innovate and invest in research and development in the latest technologies to assist project intensive organizations and firms gain visibility into status and performance of projects, initiatives and resources to make informed decisions, and achieve control and predictability in delivery dates and project cost.

As part of its efforts, SNA most recently introduced its Proteus and Envision line of project- and business-intelligence products.  These products are revolutionizing data integration, processing and intelligence, taking a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf approach to what was an extremely expensive, long-term, highly specialized and intensive code-writing effort, greatly reducing the time and expense involved in companies and organizations integrating and having visibility of essential business information.

In addition, SNA averages a major release of its products every two to three years and at least one interim release every year.  For major industry initiatives SNA slip-streams enhancements into applications to support emerging essential business requirements.  Our commitment to our customers is to be a partner in your success.

SNA applications are 508 compliant with Section 508 of the American with Disabilities Act.  Click here to view our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).